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B12 Energizer+ Cherry

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Supports the brain and nervous system functioning

Boosts energy levels

Natural cherry flavor

Contains 5000 mcg B12 per lozenge

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Zahler's B12 Energizer+ is a potent energy booster and an advanced Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin supplement. It contains a robust dose of Vitamin B12 for a quick, natural burst of energy. Zahler's Vitamin B12 is essential for many critical functions including energy production, DNA synthesis, brain and nervous system function, and blood formation.


More about Vitamin B12:

Like other water-soluble vitamins, excess intake of Vitamin B12 is excreted and not stored in the body, which is why a continuous supply is needed. Suboptimal B12 levels are often responsible for anemia, asthma, Crohn's disease, depression, diabetes, male infertility and osteoporosis. With 5000 mcg per lozenge, Zahler's B12 Energizer boosts the body naturally with this critical vitamin.

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