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KidsActive Powder

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All-natural children's ADD/ADHD formula

Promotes sharpness and mental focus

Reduces the likelihood of distractibility, impulsiveness and disorganization

Delicious fruit punch flavored powder

Contains DimethylGlycine, Magnesium, Inositol and more





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KidsActive is formulated with a targeted blend of nutrients, such as DimethylGlycine, Phospahtidyl Serine Complex, Inositol and more, all of which help promote children's mental focus and concentration. It also helps support normal cognitive function in healthy, happy, naturally active children. KidsActive Powder is a delicious-tasting fruit punch flavored powder that can be mixed with any liquid.


What does KidsActive target?

Mineral and essential fatty acid deficiencies, general malnutrition from too many refined foods, and food intolerance to preservatives and additives often correlate with hyperactivity and attention problems in children. These issues tend to lead to large setbacks for children, both academically and socially. However, unlike medications intended to treat symptoms of ADD/ADHD, hyperactivity and lack of focus among kids, KidsActive is a natural alternative. It is designed to target the neurological root of the problem instead of medicating the symptoms.

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