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MultiVibrant 50+

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Advanced multivitamin for men 50+

Promotes healthy aging and energy

Supports prostate, eye health and more

Contains Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, Lutein, Bromelain and more





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As we age, our bodies require additional nutritional support to maintain a healthy balance. MultiVibrant 50+ for Men is an advanced multivitamin for men that combines and supports nutrition through the natural aging process. Specially formulated to promote men's health, this multivitamin contains 30 mg of Pygeum Africanum Bark Extract, 30 mg of Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, 30 mg of Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract and 25 mg of Quercitin. MutliVibrant 50+ also includes 10 mg of Lutein, which promotes eye health, and 100 mg of CoQ10 for general cardiovascular health in addition to many other nutrients necessary for healthy aging.


What does MultiVibrant 50+ target?

When all the biological systems are well nourished, the body functions to its fullest potential and can continuously breathe the magic of life. When it doesn't and something feels wrong, chances are that something is missing. Discomforts are often indicators that a specific area is asking for a boost. With MultiVibrant 50+ you can rest assured that all your dietary gaps are being filled.

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