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PAS Formula

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Relaxation and stress reduction formula

Promotes a positive mood and calming effect

Contains GABA, Suntheanine, Valerian and more





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PAS Formula includes a wide range of powerful herbs, such as Rhodiola Root Extrat, Valerian, Passion Flower and more, all of which have been formulated to assist in relaxation and stress reduction, and to help calm the effects of daily stress. PAS Formula helps fortify the body with the right combination of vitamins and herbs so that it can better handle day-to-day stressors.


What does PAS Formula target?

Stress affects both the mind and the body. Depending on the individual and the specific situation, added stress may produce positive results as it spurs the person into action. Usually, though, stress negatively affects one's quality of life. Stress elicits a flight-or-fight response, where the person suffering either embraces the situation or shrinks away from it. Stress can have a major impact on behavior and takes a toll on mental and physical health. Symptoms of stress may include irritability, social withdrawal, aches and pains, forgetfulness, heart palpitations, tensing of muscles, difficulty concentrating, shortness of breath, and tingling in the face, hands and feet. When the body does not possess sufficient nutrients, it becomes more vulnerable and susceptible to normal life stressors; thus the physical manifestations of mental symptoms that can appear due to lack of proper nutrients can oftentimes be debilitating. The many vitamins and herbs in PAS Formula may help fortify the body so that it could better handle these stressors.

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