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UT Revolution

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Potent urinary tract formula

Supports healthy urinary tract and bladder function

Contains D-Mannose, Cranberries, Probiotics and more





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UT Revolution is a fast-acting urinary tract formula which contains a powerful blend of ingredients, such as Superfruits, D-Mannose, Cranberries, Probiotics and more, to support a healthy urinary tract and bladder health.


What does UT Revolution target?

A UTI is a condition that occurs when bacteria (generally E. coli) enter the urethra, allowing the bladder and kidneys to get infected. The bacteria feature small, finger-like projections that allow them to stick to the walls of the urinary tract while slowly working their way up. Therefore, one of the main featured ingredients in UT Revolution is D-Mannose, a type of sugar which has the helpful ability of rendering the environment of the urinary tract uninhabitable by attracting the bacteria to its (D-Mannose's) own molecules instead of the walls of the urinary tract. Afterwards, the bacteria is flushed out during urination. Other helpful ingredients in UT Revolution include Cran-Max Cranberry Extract, FOS (NutraFlora) and Vitamin C, all of which may help one get over a stubborn UTI.

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